Wednesday, 27 May 2009

CODA & Agresso Conference Pop-ups & Pull-ups

It's Annual Conference time again for our clients CODA and Agresso, who provide financial software and operational solutions to customers across the UK and Europe.

Once again The Mix has been tasked with providing marketing support for their two conferences - the Northern session is on June 4 at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, and the Southern session is on June 18 at the Hotel Russell, London.

The Mix has provided new exhibition stands in the form of a new pop-up stand and 9 new pull-up stands showcasing the companies' services, all geared around maximising efficiencies during the downturn - in other words, making your software work harder and more efficiently for your business.

The Mix's MD Alexis will also be attending the London conference to compile the post-conference newsletter, and will be providing photography, copywriting and design support to the marketing team. He is also keen to see how this year's speaker, Jim Lawless, compares with last year's speaker Monty Halls, who you may have seen on his recent TV series about crofting in the highlands of Scotland.

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