Monday, 22 June 2009

Taming Tigers in London

I have just got back from London where I was photographing this year's CODA conference, as well as taking notes in the seminars to allow me to write up CODA's post conference newsletter which goes out to over 3,000 customers.

The opening speaker this time was a very interesting speaker called Jim Lawless who was talking about taming tigers, or in other words facing your fears and making things happen rather than letting them happen. Several years ago, whilst working as a change management consultant, Jim was challenged to prove his theories by one of his listeners, and agreed to become a jockey and race on TV within a year - and he had never ridden a horse before!

I also noticed a really beautiful combination of light source outside my bedroom window, and set up a towel as a rest to allow me to take a long exposure of the view - see what you think, I love night photography.

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